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Memory card data recovery

MjM Data Recovery Limited

Data recovery from USB stick and photo memory cards. All types of memory can be recovered. For most, we are able to recover data even when the device is no longer recognised by the computer, camera of mobile phone even when the memory card has been formatted. We can recover data from;

Is it possible to recover water damaged memory cards

Generally, yes. We have recovered data from memory cards that have suffered a variety of mishaps.. Run over by a car, washed in a washing machine, dropped in coffee, wine, beer etc, and one that was retrieved from the bottom of a pond.

You may get a message USB Device Not Recognised ..
One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it...
This is a typical message generated when your Memory stick is not longer accessible and is where we can step in to recover the data.

  • USB Memory Sticks
  • SD memory Cards
  • Compact Flash Memory
  • Sony Pro/Pro Duo
  • Smart media
  • xD Picture Cards
  • Flash Memory
  • Multimedia (MMC) Cards

Prices for recovery depend mainly upon the size of the card and what is wrong with it.
To get a quote please follow this link : Data Recovery Quotations

Data Recovery from Memory Cards

There is a growing number of removable digital memory card formats (smart media, SD cards, SDHC memory, xD picture cards, compact flash memory and MMC cards) and microdrives on the market, which vary in size and shape. At the time of writing, memory cards of up to 64 GB are readily available, and at low cost.

Memory cards are increasingly popular as they are used in digital cameras, phones, mobile computers, PDAs, MP3 and MP4 devices. They are also regularly used as temporary backup solution and for data transfer between computers. The prices have come down and their storage capacities have grown.

USB Flash Drive Recovery

USB flash drives are a very popular and convenient way of transporting data. They are now very cheap and capacity is increasing all the time. They have replaced floppy disks and are more convenient than CDs and DVDs as it is quicker and easier to copy data. They don't suffer from damage by scratches, dust, greasy fingers and can even survive being dropped, etc.

USB flash drives are much more tolerant of abuse than mechanical drives, but can still be damaged or have data corrupted by severe physical impacts. Also improperly connected USB ports can also destroy the circuitry of a flash drive. For example, where a USB connector from the case is plugged into the wrong interface on the Motherboard, or where there is no connector block on the case, but just the free wires that need to be connected to the motherboard. The problem is that the power supply cables may get reversed or if the wrong connector is used, then the wrong voltage may be applied to the USB port.

USB flash drives have been known to still work after going through a washing machine. If this happens to your memory stick leave it to dry completely before trying to use it.

Unfortunately flash drives can sustain only a limited number of write and erase cycles before failure. Good flash drives will support several hundred thousand cycles, although write operations will gradually slow as the device ages. This should be a consideration when using a flash drive over a period of time to store critical data.

We can do data recovery from all types and makes of USB flash drives and memory sticks.